Undergraduate Studies in
Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Although FAS is primarily a graduate program, undergraduate students are finding FAS a good place to jump-start their academic and professional career in fisheries and aquatic sciences.  Please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Shirley Baker with any questions about our programs.

Our undergraduate courses are designed to provide students with the foundation necessary to build on, if they should decide to pursue a graduate degree. Courses include a basic introduction to fisheries science, fish biology, aquatic plant biology and management, aquaculture principles, as well as global issues. 

In addition to our core undergraduate courses, the following two opportunities are available to undergraduate students: 

IFAS Honors Program

Undergraduate students have two opportunities for honors credit: 

An honors program is available to students in the College of Agriculture is Honors Program in  which students can complete a project on a selected topic, issue, or problem for honors credit.  Projects may relate to research, teaching, or extension. The project is reviewed by at least two faculty members chosen by the FAS Honors Coordinator. This opportunity may be repeated  for up to six credits. A GPA of 3.5 or higher is required. 

In addition, students can choose selected courses each semester that  can contribute to honors credits. Students should contact the FAS Honors Coordinator for more information. 

Minor Program

A minor is available in FAS and consists of a minimum of 15 semester credits with a grade of C or better. (A minimum of nine semester credits must be completed at UF.) 

Students pursuing a minor must complete at least three FAS courses of three or more credits each at the 3000-level or higher. A maximum of 3 credits of FAS 4905 Problems in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences may be applied toward the 15 credit minimum for the minor, but may not be used to fulfill the nine credits of 3000-level or higher courses. 

No courses in the minor may be taken under the S-U option. Courses cannot be applied to both the FAS minor and the student's major program. Students applying for the minor must obtain written approval from their academic adviser and the undergraduate coordinator in FAS at least two semesters prior to graduation.

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